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Communicate your message

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For the small company and startup that is too small to have a dedicated marketing team and too smart to ignore it, Mystik Studios serves as the marketing partner you need today while growing your company to have the skills you will need tomorrow. You are not merely our client and we are not merely your vendor; rather, the two of us are mutually invested partners. We become your marketing department.

Save your time for running your business. Mystik Studio is here to help you communicate your message and tell your story consistently through all channels from your graphic design, website, social media presence, and email newsletters. Why hire multiple companies to handle your branding needs when you can come to one place? You don’t have to go it alone. Get your brand scene in front of your ideal client and establish credibility.

Unique Value Proposition 

  • We are on retainer and always at your service – whether just for advice, or strategizing to an action, or executing the action using our marketing services or, most importantly, rejoicing with you in the success of your efforts. Our commitment is to prioritize you and be at your service.
  • Your commitment? To treat us as your marketing department. That means you will be required to share your business plan, your business strategy, your quarterly financials, your product plans, and your plans for the future so that the marketing strategy we develop is informed by and aligns with all of those critical elements.
  • What do you get?
    • First and foremost, we work with you to develop a marketing strategy that complements and implements your business plan. This will be our first step and one that you should be committed to undertaking.
    • Unlimited phone consultations between you, the CEO and me, your marketing director. These phone consultations could be for using me as a bouncing board for your business ideas, seeking my marketing advice on a specific issue or, best of all, sharing with me the joy of new business you might have won.
    • Armed with a marketing strategy and with consultations with you on the amount of marketing spend you can afford, we will execute a marketing plan using a varied set of marketing services we offer, including graphic design, web services, social media, photography, search engine optimization, and email newsletters.
    • We will set activity and results in metrics and you will receive a monthly report of activity.
    • You will own all of the digital assets we create, as long as you have paid for them.
  • What will this cost you?
    • A one time, Initiation fee of $1000:  This will serve as our fee for studying your business plan, your business strategy, your current financials, your markets and competitors and working with to build a marketing strategy
    • A monthly Retainer of $100: This will serve as our fee for unlimited phone consultations.  This fee does not include any marketing services or deliverable work.
    • 25% discount on all marketing services: Our current rate for our marketing services is $60 per hour, and will be offered to you at $45 per hour.  The marketing strategy we develop will be implemented using a variety of services. You will be billed for the services as executed, and consistent with our mutually agreed-upon amount of work.
  • What results can you expect:
    • The single biggest impact you will see is the power of a marketing director pushing back on the CEO, and the sharpness of business focus and marketing message it creates.
    • Quoting the famous management consultant and near centenarian, Peter Drucker, “What gets measured gets done.” Small companies fail to use that discipline. We will instill that discipline.
    • While activity can be measured and controlled, results can be measured but not directly controlled. The market controls the results of a marketing program. The way to control the results is to adjust your strategy accordingly and have a tight feedback loop. You can expect a constant adjustment to attain the desired results.
  • What is your commitment? You do not have a long-lasting commitment. Either party can disengage with a month’s notice. However,
    • If we choose to disengage within the first 6 months, we will refund the $1000 Initiation Fee
    • If you choose to disengage within the first 3 months, we will refund half ($500) of the Initiation Fee.


Our focus is to help you promote your products and/or services by creating a perfect marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy will be specific to your industry, just like your business is unique so will your marketing strategy be.

We love getting to know new markets and your company’s goals to find new and creative ideas to make them more marketable. We look forward to getting to know you and your company.


Reach the people you want to reach by creating a marketing strategy that fits your company’s needs. One of the many ways this is done is by mastering a clear and concise message and delivering that message to your target audience. Whether that is done online or in print.


One of the many ways to deliver a clear and concise message is through design. Not only does design convey a clear marketing strategy but, it also gives your company/product visual recognition, or what is called branding.

Social Media

Social media platforms are a great way to get to know your potential clients or consumers. This major marketing tool allows you to build brand recognition as well as trust. Being consistent in your tone and imagery is a must!


A picture is worth a thousand words. This statement is so true. Whether you are wanting to make a statement about your family, your senior year, an event (personal or corporate), or your companies products. Having the right person to capture that statement is so important in conveying your intended message.

  • “Stefanie’s biggest imprint on my company is her influence on the brand of the company – from the look and feel of our marketing material, to our interactions with clients, to the elegance of our service offerings commensurate with the pricing we wished to command.”

    -Balaji Krishnamurthy
  • “Not only did she develop a market for the magazine, but she also built and maintained positive relationships with customers.”

    -Barbara Dunlap
  • I love how my son’s Senior pictures turned out. The quality was great and Stefanie was great to work with. She didn’t make us feel rushed and took all the poses we wanted. Thank you Stefanie for helping us capture this special time.

    -Kelly Campbell

  • “Stefanie is awesome, I loved working with her on my senior pictures! She made me feel so confident and comfortable, and really had an eye for naturally beautiful photos! I would recommend her to anyone!”

    -Zachary Buffaloe

  • “Several years ago, Stefanie Call took pictures for our 50th wedding anniversary in Hawaii.  The pictures turned out amazing.  She was very professional, and paid particular attention to lighting, and setting.  She chose some excellent sites and poses. It was both fun and a pleasure working with her. Her prices were very reasonable. We would not hesitate to work with Stefanie again.”
    -Dale and Kathy Rasmussen.
  • “Good company to work with, with awesome communication ⭐”

    -Candelaria Onyeabor

  • “Stefanie has worked with our company for several years. Her professionalism, integrity, and quality of work in photography and graphic design is of the highest level and she’s also extremely knowledgeable in the field of online marketing. Her attention to detail is meticulous and she has never missed a deadline in all the years that I’ve worked with her.”

    -Chris Myke Kua 

  • “They were very easy to work with and provided prompt professional service. I highly recommend!”

    -Aesha Shapiro

  • “Stefanie Call was great to work with and very efficient. We had a discussion about my project and she completed it on time and the way I wanted it. She’s very thorough. I recommend her.”

    -Alexandra Mitchell

  • “We have been working with Stefanie for over 3 years now and have realized what an asset she is to the team. She brings so many talents to our team, and we are so grateful to have her. From outstanding graphic design, content writing, to social media management and a high knowledge base of web design, Stefanie shines in all areas!”

    -Tony Misiaszek

  • “I had the pleasure of working with Stefanie Call regarding our content writing, graphic design, social media and online marketing. Over the two years she consulted with us, Stefanie played a significant role in creating content and increasing our presence across multiple social media platforms.”

    -Myles Walsh


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